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You awake in dim room. It does not matter what you were doing before you came here, because you are here now. The walls are polished copper, covered in engravings and lines of numbers. Before you is a behemoth of a contraption-- It is clunky, all brass and bolts and hissing pipes, but screens and keyboards lend the idea that it’s some sort of computer. Connected to it via heavy cables and wires is a woman with burnished gold skin.

“I. Am Veloxia.” Her speech is broken and rusty. “I. Need you. To fix me.”

The windows of the tower reveal a shining city spreading out in every direction. Where you are isn’t nearly as important as what you need to do.

Veloxia welcomes you to her city of Promitto.

Veloxia Is a pan-fandom, steampunk-themed, girls-only game. The overarching plot is to fix the super computer Veloxia who has malfunctioned so she may do her duty to see Promitto prosper. She has pulled your character from their homeworld to help her. But the city of Promitto is abandoned for unknown reasons. It could have something to do with the element Ellenium that powers Veloxia, or it could have an entirely different cause. This game intends to allow for a wide range of things, from romance to slice-of-life to a little adventure and horror.

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